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The Cleric is a very essential character class. Clerics in perfect world are the only class capable of mass healing and reviving others. They are also capable of inflicting great damage to monsters and other players in PVP (Player Vs Player) combat. How you build your cleric will determine how effective they are at healing, attacking, and their overall survivability. Clerics are needed in nearly every party of players that is formed. A Cleric who is knowledgable in their skills ranks upon the most desired characters to party with. Clerics have a low amount of hit points, but due to their healing ability, they can become almost indestructable to any who dare opose.

The Archer is referred to as a "Direct Damage" or DD character. They support other characters during boss fights by inflicting great damage. Archers are feared in Player Vs Player combat due to their ability to dodge physical attacks and inflict massive damage in a short period of time. By using ranged weapons, they are able to avoid much damage, however their hit points are usually on the low-average side depending on how you build your character.


mmorpg cleric
mmorpg archer


The Barbarian is a core character in most any party. They are the "tank" and take the brunt of the monsters and/or bosses attacks. The Barbarian has extremely high hit points and average damage. In 1 on 1 Player Vs Player combat the Barbarian is feared by many physical attackers. More from the fact that they are almost impossible to kill for a physical attacker than the damage they can inflict. Having a well skilled Barbarian in a party backed by an equally experienced Cleric is an amazing team.

The Venomancer is a magical class which is unique in its own way. They have the ability to command a legion of pets to do their bidding. They are able to "tame" monsters around the entire map and use them in combat. The Venomancer can attack using its pet and use their own skills at the same time, which is a deadly combination to any adversary. They are able to pull 1 monster out of a group so that they can be dispatched easier than attacking the group and are quite valuable to a party.


mmorpg cleric
mmorpg archer


The Blademaster is considered a support "Direct Damage" "DD" Character. They have the highest defence of any character class, have a high amount of hit points and do a considerable amount of close range melee damage. The Blademaster is a very useful companion to have in a party on accont that they can take the brunt of attacks and are able to walk away oftentimes with little more than a scratch. Blademasters are able to go up against many bosses in perfect world with the help of a cleric and server many purposes in a party.

The Wizard is a "Direct Damage" "DD" character similar to the Archer. They are a ranged magical attacking class and have a low amonunt of hit points. The wizard is capable of inflicting great magical damage and even has the ability to cast 1 healing spell. They are very strong and are feared in Player Vs Player combat. Their healing ability only adds to their usefulness. Many physical attackers have been scorched by a nearby mage launching meteor showers and other deadly spells.

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Character ClassesHuman Mage or Blademaster / Elf Archer or Cleric / Untamed Barbarian or Venomancer

EquipmentCollect and craft magical gear + rare and unique gear from Twilight, Frost, Lunar, Legendary & Warsoul

MountsRun on land faster with a mount. Ancient Dragons, Panthers, Serpents, Bears and more!

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